Thursday, February 10, 2011

Being A Music Major at Coastal Carolina University

Choosing a school to go to to continue on towards your dream career is a difficult decision, but a necessary one.  There are many questions you have to ask yourself.  Thee main one should always be does this college have a major that is relative to my interests?  You should never choose a college based on money, who is going there as well, or where it is located.  Granted, CCU has a great location, being right near Myrtle Beach, and the ocean.  But that isn't all that this college has to offer.  CCU is one of the fastest growing universities in the nation, but with only 9,000 undergraduates, it is still a relatively small school.  Within my next few blogs, I will talk about the finer points of CCU.  I will also give pointers on how to decide what school is best, and the application and scholarship processes.  Til then, CCU!  GO CHANTS!

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