Monday, February 14, 2011

Teachers Pet

Okay, this is for the people who want to go to college and become a teacher.  You want to find a way around having to pay for a huge loan.  Apply for the Teaching Fellows loan.  What they require is simple:  You go to school, get you degree, but instead of paying off the loan in money, you agree to teach in a low income area or a needy subject (music majors, I'm especially talking to you).  You work there for four years, and you don't have to worry about the loan.  And if you want to find more teaching loans, I suggest  Great scholarship site, and usually has the scholarship up online the day it is announced.  Second to that, people don't realize how important their school counselors are at this moment.  Talk to them about scholarships.  There are always local businesses or clubs that have scholarships, especially rotary club or the masons.  The scholarships may be small, but they still help.


  1. I went to school to become a college professor. All the student tang a guy could ever want!

    ...and then I heard how much (little) they were paid... hmmm

    Trick with the masons, though (speaking as one), is they are a little biased on their scholarships. To really get one, you have to be a part of their youth groups (Demolay, Job's Daughters, Rainbow, etc) or else you'll get snubbed if one of them is in your voting pool.

  2. This kind of sounds like troops to teachers. Very interesting.