Friday, June 10, 2011

Parents PLUS Loan for Students

Okay, so say that you have exhausted your supply of scholarships, grants, and loans that you can get, but you still need maybe $2500.  What to do?  You can't get anything else, and your parents don't have the credit to get a loan for you either.  No worries, here's what you do.  You get your parents to apply for the Direct PLUS loan.  Now I know you're saying, "But you JUST said that my parents don't have good credit!  How are they going to get a loan for me?!".  Well don't worry.  They aren't going to get the loan.  So what's the point of applying?  Well here's the good thing.  If your parents do not get approved for the loan, your school will offer you a loan for up to $4000.  Luckily for you, schools understand how bad the economy really is, and the government really does want to help you get an education.  You just have to look for the things in the right places.


  1. Wow i didnt know schools did that im definitely looking into this next semester! THANK YOU!!!